Watchback App enables you to record all visits to your site and replay them later, so you can monitor the visitor’s interactions with your site, their reactions, know what confuses them and what interests them, from that you can make appropriate decisions to improve their experience and raise sales. In this article, I will explain how to link Watchback to your site in order to start recording sessions.

I assume in this article that you have previously installed the application and you already have access to it. Otherwise, we have an article in this regard:

  • How to install Watchback with Cpanel

You may also need to take a look at how to use Watchback, but this is not mandatory to follow this article:

Embed script

Linking your site to watchback is all about adding a line of code to the head of your pages. To get this code (called embed script), go to Settings in your Watchback main page, there you will find a section called “Embed Script” copy that code and paste it to your site. In order to know where exactly you need to paste it on your site, it depends on your platform. Please read the paragraphs bellow and follow the steps according to your platform.

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو image-6-1024x503.png

Stand Alone Websites

By stand along websites, I mean sites not based on a content management system like WordPress. It does not matter which programming language has been developed in or which framework it is based on. The important thing is that you have access to the HTML file(s) for the pages where the head tag is located. There the embed script must be inserted just above the head closing tag . For example, I have an HTML page where I inserted the embed script to make it recordable by Watchback.

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو image-7-1024x483.png

The line marked in yellow is the embed script I copied from my Watchback settings, which I placed before the closing head tag. Note that I have blurred the link to keep the information private. In general, the full link to your copy is in your settings as shown above.

WordPress sites

If your site is running on WordPress, install and activate the plugin : Insert Headers and Footers.

After activation, a new menu will appear on the side menu named “Insert Headers and Footers”, open it and enter the embed script you copied from Watchback into the “Scripts in Header” box.

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو insertheadersfooters.png

This will enable recording on all pages of your WordPress site.

Shopify sites

If you are using Shopify and you want to record your store’s pages, follow these steps:

On Shopify’s dashboard, go to : Online Store > Themes and click Customize button.

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو 5d36940a55e93ad6bbea22a2_Step-1-1024x484.png

On the template editing page (see image below) you will find a menu in the lower left named “Theme actions”, open it and choose “Edit code”.

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو 5d369415863bbd8a6b8eae1e_Step-2-1024x492.png

A number of files and folders will appear, inside the “Layout” folder, open the file named “theme.liquid”. Take a look at the picture:

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو 5d36942455e93aaedbea2bba_Step-3-1024x448.png

Search in the file for the text </head> and paste the embed script directly above it as I did in this screenshot:

تحتوي هذه الصورة على سمة alt فارغة; اسم الملف هو image-8-1024x482.png

Click Save and Watchback will record all your store’s pages.

In case you encounter problems or you are using a platform not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us on: